E-Cigarette Dangers


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March 24, 2014:
A new story in the NYT Details the poison dangers coming from e-vapor refills. Kids getting set of fire, cars burning, danger from the glycol in the ecig? All par for the course as the FDA wonders whether to regulate.


Nicotine Delivery

The FDA may decide that as a nicotine delivery device, the electronic cigarette should be regulated, at which point the fruity flavors will probably become a thing of the past.

Are there dangers in smoking E-Cigarettes? What Are They

Commercials Claim Harmless Water Vapor

E-Cigarette DangersThe dangers of e-cigarettes (also called ecig or electronic cigarette)are often downplayed in their advertisements, since they say you are only getting water vapor and nicotine in the simulated smoke, and some manufacturers use flavors instead of nicotine. However, studies by the FDA indicate that dietthylene glycol and Tobacco-Specific NitroStamines (TSNAs) were present in some ecig cartridges. These chemicals may not have positive effects on a person's health. Furthermore, the amount of nicotine delivered were not always consistent, which could lead to high doses of nicotine if people were to smoke several e-cig cartridges at once, or if one cartridge contained a very high dose of nicotine, which can indeed be fatal in very high doses. Under any circumstances, the use of nicotine can lead to addiction, so the supplemental danger of electronic cigarettes is that the user will need to supplement that addiction with actual cigarettes or tobacco. As a smoking cessation aid, electronic cigarettes are also not approved by the World Health Organization or Health Canada.

E-Vapor refills and e-cig nicotine capsules are a new danger in that they are apparenty an ingestion hazard. Nicotine refills may be sold in smoke shops and contain enough of the drug to cause seizures, vomiting, and death. This nicotine is not regulated and the glycol solution with the nicotine in it is apparently attractive enough to children that they are drinking it as if it was cough syrup. If you use vapor refills or electronic cigarette cartridges, be sure to keep the materials far enough away from kids so that they don't end up eating any.

Notes and special information

Special note: If you're trying to look cool with e-cigarettes, it won't work. Try getting some skills instead.